Works in the Wild

The following tables contain a list of where my works have been featured in external locations, i.e. works in the wild. Some cited, while others extended and worked upon my existing works.

WorkFeatured InAuthorType
The Absurd and Ironic Indonesian Reading CultureKenapa Orang Indonesia Males Baca?Kok Bisa?Video
 Burn the Book!Ignite GKIArticle
 Awareness of Reading Literacy: Indonesian’s PerspectiveMarsha Aisyah HaryadiPaper
Indonesian RoBERTa Base Sentiment ClassifierHow I approached Shopee Code League — Address Elements ExtractionChing FhenArticle
 Analysis of Public Opinion Sentiment on Covid-19 Vaccine on Twitter Social Media with Robustly Optimized BERT Pretraining ApproachMuhammad Mahrus ZainPaper
Indonesian RoBERTa SmallImplementasi IndoBERT-lite dan RoBERTa untuk Text Mining pada Aplikasi Chatbot JacobBenny RichardsonPaper
Indonesian RoBERTa BaseCLIP IndonesianGaluh SahidCode
Indonesian RoBERTa Base IndoLEM Sentiment ClassifierAre University Students Independent: Twitter Sentiment Analysis of Independent Learning in Independent Campus Using RoBERTa Base IndoLEM Sentiment Classifier ModelSandra et al.Code
GPT-2 Base ThaiPad Thai Few-Shot LearningPyThaiNLPCode
 Text GenerationNLPForThaiCode
 Generate Thai LyricsTupleBlogCode